1910 - first diesel engine in the world

1967 - M/t Caterina Tomacelli,2400 Dwt:first italian vessel with twin engine

1980 - M/t Passatore,5915 Dwt: first italian vessel with SBT, double bottom

1992 - M/t Longobarda, 10.006 Dwt: first vessel below 20.000 Dwt equipped with IGS

1993 - first italian company certified for SMS on voluntary basis

1996 - first italian company in chem/petr/gas certified ISO 9002

- M/t Normanna,10.020 Dwt: first vessel with alternative propulsion system and double hull to protect the bunkering area

1999 - M/t Sveva,15.200 Dwt: first vessel in the world with Marinline suitable for chemical and petroleum products

2002 - M/t Shogun,44.485 Dwt: first tanker in the world with Green Star Notation for environmentally friendly project

2003 - M/t Cosmo, 5.884 DWT / 6.539 DWT: first IMO II chemical tanker built in Turkey with top european criteria (Green Star, IGS)
- Company certified with ISO 9001-2000 (VISION 2000)

2004 - modification of main Mediterranea di Navigazione SpA offices with application of environmentally safe criteria
- Introduction of company training courses

2005 - introduction of TMSA system

2006 - M/t Ottomana, 27.300 Dwt:
- first tanker in the world of that size built with 30 years life notation
- the biggest tanker ever built in Turkey
- holder of first Green Passport issued to an Italian ship by Rina.

2007 - M/t Saracena, 20.500 Dwt: first tanker with winterisation notation issued to an italian ship by RINA, total redundancy, twin engine, twin propeller, twin rudder vessel, 30 years Life Notation.

2008 – M/t Barbarica, 18.818 Dwt: IMO II tanker, awarded Long Life criteria by R.I.N.A. and BV, Green Star, twin engine, twin propeller, twin rudder, nitrogen plant, two separate engine rooms, Marineline.

2009 – Energy conservation programme: installation of solar panels in Mediterranea di Navigazione offices.
- Company certified with ISO 14001
- Company certified with OHSAS 18001

2010 – 100 Years over the seas 

2011 – LEG/LPG King Arthur 4500 cbm: the fastest Ethylene Carrier in the world

2012 – In January Excalibur, the twin vessel of King Arthur, was put succesfully in service.

2013 – Black Shark with 250° cargo brings Mediterranea to be the first company who transport cargoes from – 103° (Ethylene) up to 250° (Pitch) with 363° difference!

2015 -  Thanks to the improvement works on our fleet, we now have an estimated total saving of 2500 tons of bunker per year, which is equivalent to a 175 tons of NOx emission and to a 8000 tons reduction of CO₂ emissions.

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